Training for Happiness.

Standing at this platform, I was asked for directions in 3 different languages. Omniscience is not something I’m usually dressed in, but today I knew what their tickets said, where to point, and how to make strangers smile with sighs of relief.

Leaving the Firenze Santa Maria Novella station, I am full. Full from adventure, full of gratitude –but most of all, full and centered. Traveling solo is a bowl full of mixed emotions; independence, excitement, anxiousness, vulnerability, and unpredictability. However, it’s ironically the farthest from lonely. You unlock this courage you never knew you had, while experiencing extreme awareness and mindfulness. You’re receptive of others, and making friends or acquaintances is a quicker process than usual in addition to instilling significance. You even discover in a world so big; full of different cultures, languages, governments, directions, and people — communication is easier than we anticipate. Understanding comes from within; its a genuine concern for those you encounter. And all over, everyone is just looking to be understood.

And in Italy 😍, they understand that people achieve this better with comforting food – mountains of carbs, and enough gelato to drown in as they fill their journeys.

…Notes del treno, posto 54, fighting le sugar coma. Full. Gratzie 🙌🏼

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