Window Reflection

Never would I have imagined that I’d make it to Asia. One week in Tokyo confirmed that the world is meant to be seen, when you can— and learning a culture by living thru it is something a camera sometimes struggles to capture. I’ve been bit by the Travel Bug back before I can remember— it’s left a mark on me drawn up of sights to see, people to meet, and let’s be real: food to eat (maybe poems to be written?). I am more than grateful for this adventure…

And even more aware that communication isn’t only a verbal language; it’s acknowledgement, nods, and, most importantly, smiles. Japanese is intimidating. Being a native English speaker has made me lazy. Time traveling happens daily thanks to pilots & planes. Walking through blisters makes you appreciate a good pair of shoes, and awaking at 4am checks things off your list. Sleeping is a luxury sometimes cashed in yen. Having a partner in “crime” shows you patience is priceless. Choosing fashion over warmth is stupid, and shivers and stiffness is the price you pay before a warm jacket hugs you. Coffee stops working when you drink it too much, and some hot beans are better than others. We don’t have problems. Life was harder before our time. The world is beautiful because of people and their shared knowledge, their hard work, discoveries and visions. Cheap flights do exist. There is just so much I’m still trying to see out that window


Also- Cell phones and GPS,… Technology, you the real MVP. We’d all be wanderLOSTs.

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