“You can’t sit with us!” Just kidding, YOU SHOULD.

Sometimes I struggle to find the right caption that I presume many don’t even care to read. But it’s more for me, and those that might, than for the “others” – my FEW followers – IF I was to compare this account to almost anyone else… But “comparison is the thief of joy…” So here’s the thing: I think every photo has a story. Because all THIS picture displays are two beautiful ladies, to the right of me, on the outside. But no matter what type of camera used, even if held by a photographer (that unquestionably knows what he’s doing), the lens needs an X ray beam to uncover their big hearts.
A friend that’s been good to me; she’s a listening ear that seeks understanding. She’s thrown me a life jacket, when I felt I was drowning – in fact she’s given me a key to her rescue supply closet, when I had to swim to a shore. She’s shared her home and she shares her mom (also pictured). Her “mamma” is one of those angels that practices presence and fearlessness. She cares about you and your journey—it’s no wonder, they’re the Gilmore Girls, only better. And they are REAL
What this photo is NOT showing….
Three gentlemen across from us; a timeless friendship that undeniably runs deep with
acceptance, talents, and respect between them all. Picture: Entrepreneurs, motivation, and balance. ///
Picture: Another giving heart I would love to write A PLETHORA about. ///
Also- the women were to my left and not to my right 😉
The table: A filling, delicious (Indian) meal. Shared plates. Easiness in the company sitting, hip to hip, six in a booth. Conversations served warm.
The little things: Leaving a restaurant without having to brace for the cold air camping out behind that door. Comfort in lingering, talks outside a closing restaurant; filters meant for somewhere else. LAUGHS.
Admiration. Adoration. Content. “Comparison is the thief of joy;” this is (my) life. Long caption not need approval. Reservations only for dinners. This is what’s on my menu.
#Views from my seat. #Notes from a shore found… until next swim. I’m looking at you, #life.

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