Hi. Here’s me – not knowing how to pose – in a cool place and talking about it….

Location: Chiyoda – Kioicho, Japan.

Date: March 2, 2018

I smiled awkwardly for this impromptu photo, staring at the guy behind the lens generously documenting me in this swanky looking hotel bar lobby. We were more than 30 stories high, windows unveiling views I’ve only dreamt about or seen in movies. This city that was once so far from any ground I’ve ever stood. It was a colored shape on a map. Now it’s colored shapes twirling as memories in my mind. And these photos remind me of this time I took a trip to the other side of the world, with a great person by my side, navigating me so well that my Wifi was even confused by my diminishing need for any typed keys.

Nearly two months later, I can sense my uneasiness start to brew with existential questions that I know get silenced with travel. But this time, I want to take what I’ve learned and focus less on the “search” for something and more on the somethings that are here. It’s taken me years to realize this is a new notion I need to apply. And I ask myself, how can I effectively do this? Perhaps, I’ll start by continuing to tell stories with my pictures, reliving my adventures by undeniably swiping my finger through my camera roll like a millennial, and then posting about it in this digitally represented world.

And looking at this man, I’ve realized I’ve become more comfortable being uncomfortable— and that’s something this digital device has perhaps captured appropriately.

But marveling at my gratefulness that said digital world can never fully represent accurately…that’s the hook.

Ill emphasize what all the quotes tell me- that peacefulness comes from within.

This is me sharing part of my journey – may we all continue on our travels together forgetting about the destination, but packing enough digital albums to remind us that devices aren’t the demise; they connect us to pieces of happiness…

And they also don’t take up that much room.

To less baggage & packing lighter.

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