This digitally represented life…

Hey media-world: you’re confusing and I still don’t understand you, so I am posting late and breaking all the fake rules related to this digitally represented “life.” And believe me, my #dad is worth every rebellion. Because without him, I would have lost many battles, given up on catching any curve ball, and thought most things were impossible. I am truly lucky to call this man my dad. He’s given me strength and compassion. No post could ever depict how meaningful a dad is to any daughter, and specifically my dad to me. No matter when it’s posted or how it’s said. I guess one could say, this was “supposed” to be “up” on #fathersday, but I called him then & sent him these words instead. This is delayed, simply because it’s ‘social media’ & this (and no day) could ever properly denote the appreciation I have for the man that raised me

And as another fellow daughter, raised to be my dear friend, PIC, @kaitlyn_ann_clifford, so succinctly summed up the fortune of great fathers (in a tad timelier manner 😉): “Can’t believe you’re still willing to answer {our} calls 😂 …not sure how we would ever truly survive without you!” I’m not religious, but AMEN

Notes from Nashville. #Stayingrelevant


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