In a world of “fake news,” here’s more to the theme of truth and (not so) INSTAgramming:


A birthday poem I typed up on my phone, with every intention to post, lost in my notes, digitally filed away by the day(s). However, life treated me with the presence of this foreva friend, visiting –
She stood in my apartment kitchen, as I read:
Back before Instagram (we’re so old we can say that now)
we took pictures with pink colored cameras in college
partied on weekdays, dressed in silly themed clothing..
walked the streets of a small town covered in snow.
Trapped in a globe. And totally shaking things up.
As our souls began to develop and unfold.
6 years later,
we’ve left that cold dot above a New York map—
Trading late night library sessions, books, and lets be real,
for life lessons; the importance of sleep
job stability
but, most importantly, reoccurring
Weekend adventures on Manhattan streets
to choosing passports to London
and train seats
to France-Pari…
Typing from Nashville—
Reading a calendar note that says
“Courtney G visits!!”
Reminds me of a time back before Instagram
when we thought 28 was old. When we
never thought we’d live this far apart.
But here we are.
I add–
In my apartment kitchen.
You visitin’
PS: I really wanted to include pics from our college days, but that would require me to dig through Facebook & I already feel like I’ve spent too much time trying to get these on here. Love you, Court! @cornyyg… Until next time.
PPS: do we still #flashbackfriday? Signing off as the pastgram pro 😉

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