The Edge of the year

Mystifying, Complexity, Hopeful.

These are the words built into this skyline.

A testament to how far we’ve come as a societal force –

such force creating immense distractions to our commitments.

Endless opportunity. Loud interruptions. Ingrained acceptance.

Until it quiets.


And its you standing there with you.

This year silenced some of the chaos I never got to.

Thinking some of the confusion I felt was normal and part of a season.

Telling myself a story that my wants weren’t as important as my needs.

Mystified by connection, losing light within myself.

Until no longer.


This year has given me friendships to remind me how far I’ve come.

Support systems that matter.


Conversations to discuss complexities.

Books holding my hand.


The year had me trapped in two rooms of my apartment.

Words written on mirrors, journals full of rewriting

my story

my goals

my wants

My Hopes.



I’ve never been so many places in the same place.

This year happened for a reason.

Be still.

Your mind can win. It can take you where you need to be.

To hope.


Be still

And let the vision become  

Your Light.


The skyline makes no promises.

The force is inside of you.

You make all the promises.

The rest is background noise.

Stand tall.

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